The following are questions and answers pertaining to the 2016 Ecosystem Health & Sustainable Fish Populations Research RFPs. Questions about the application process, funding priorities, and GLFT policy may be sent to [email protected]. Inquiries received by January 13, 2016 will be posted to this page for the benefit of all applicants.

Q: I would like to hire a PhD or Masters student as a research assistant as part of my research budget for our proposal, and want to confirm that this is an acceptable budget item (most likely I would be hiring them on hourly wage basis + fringe).

A: Yes, hiring staff to support the project is acceptable and should be reflected in the proposed budget. A few resources you may want to review are:

1) Budget categories and definitions:

2) Overhead policy:

3) Policy on Funding of Graduate Assistants:


Q: We are interested in submitting a proposal related to Lake Sturgeon movement in Muskegon Lake. Are projects related to sturgeon restoration that are not identified in the GLFT sponsored sturgeon research workshop proceedings documents eligible for funding.

A: While the GLFT does place an emphasis on research needs identified through our sturgeon workshops – funding is not limited solely to those projects.


Q: I am a retired professor and can no longer serve as a Principal Investigator at my university. Can I serve a subcontractor or consultant on a grant?

A: Yes. Please explain the relationship within the budget narrative section of the proposal.