Emerging Issues

This funding theme allows for applications proposing ecological and biological fisheries research (or related capacity building) that is aligned with management needs and the intent of our strategic plan but beyond the scope of established themes. This includes:

  • Research that bears directly on the intended goals and outcomes expressed in our strategic planning, but lies outside the scope of other articulated GLFT research themes
  • Inquiries initiated under a past, duly funded GLFT grant, where results and need warrant continued support but the content is no longer aligned with the priorities expressed in our strategic plan
  • Research that bears directly on the priorities and interests expressed in key management documents for the Lake Michigan fishery but lies outside the scope of articulated GLFT research themes

The GLFT has relatively greater interest in this category in efforts that address issues of high management priority or urgency and unmet need. The GLFT will not fund, through this mechanism, research suited to one of its established research theme areas. Additionally, the GLFT does not fund research related to sea lamprey control, inshore fisheries, or the human health effects of environmental toxins present in Great Lakes fish, nor does it fund activities or expenses that have been the traditional responsibility of state natural resource management.