Fishery Access Grants

The GLFT’s Access to the Great Lakes Fishery grant category focuses on significantly increasing access to the Great Lakes fishery for shore-based angling and tribal fishing.

Funding Priorities

The GLFT supports its access goals through a combination of competitive and funder-directed grantmaking. Supported activities may include:

  • New construction of access sites
  • Upgrades and renovations to existing access sites
  • Engineering and feasibility studies for proposed access sites
  • Land acquisition to support subsequent access site development
  • Communication and outreach efforts regarding existing shore-based angling opportunities

More information about shore-based angling projects receiving funding support from the GLFT is available at The site shows the location of all shore-based angling grants receiving funding support from the GLFT, providing a valuable resource to anglers and prospective grant applicants. GLFT supported access sites and the Pier Michigan website were highlighted on an episode of Michigan Out of Doors. The website was developed through a partnership between the GLFT and the Michigan United Conservation Clubs.

How to Apply

Visit our apply page to submit an application. The forms and instructions necessary to guide you through the application process are provided in the application guidance document.

If you have further questions about the funding process, please contact Jonathon Beard, Grant Manager, at (517) 371-7468