Great Lakes Urban Habitat Restoration Symposium

Grant: # 1019

Grant Amount: $5,000.00

Board Decision Year: 2008

Great Lakes Fishery Commission (Ann Arbor)

Read, Jennifer ( 734-763-2642

GLFT - Ecosystem Health and Sustainable Fish Populations-L - Special Projects

Project Details

The focus of the symposium was on habitat restoration in urban areas. The urban nearshore zone, with over 17,000 kilometers, is heavily stressed by habitat alterations associated with increasing populations, heavy industry, commercial navigation, and pollution. Despite the immense importance of the nearshore region and the major economic return it provides, scientists and policymakers know very little about how and why problems emerge or how to mitigate them. Moreover, while significant funding is available for restoring urban nearshore and riverine areas, the knowledge of how do to so—and the ultimate affect of restoration efforts—was less developed than it should be. Through this symposium, the Great Lakes Fishery Commission shared technical knowledge, coordinated these existing efforts to maximize the effectiveness of work being done, and improved attendees’ ability to define what comprises a successful urban restoration project.