Mona Lake Outdoor Fishing Facility

Grant: # 1025

Grant Amount: $372,876.70

Board Decision Year: 2008

City of Muskegon Heights - Planning and Community Development (Muskegon Heights)

Planning and Community Development

Anderson, Reatha A. ( 231-733-8833

GLFT - Access to the Great Lakes Fishery-A - Access to the Great Lakes Fishery

Project Details

The City of Muskegon Heights  requested a grant from GLFT to construct a fishing pier, boardwalk, bathrooms with small setting plaza, walkways and native plantings. Mona Lake is a contributary of Lake Michigan and is the only source of lakefront recreation for 12,000, low to moderate income residents of Muskegon Heights. This project was part of the renovation of Mona Lake Park. The project is sustainable and meets LEED certification requirements.


Final Report