Pentwater Fishing Pier

Grant: # 1031

Grant Amount: $96,481.00

Board Decision Year: 2008

Village of Pentwater (Pentwater)

Pierman, Juanita ( 231-869-8301

GLFT - Access to the Great Lakes Fishery-A - Access to the Great Lakes Fishery

Project Details

This project provides enhanced shoreline fishing access on Pentwater Lake, a tributary to Lake Michigan. The construction of a fishing pier facility provides increased opportunities to fish for migrating Great Lakes species. Pentwater is a known destination for fishing, but the opportunity for shoreline fishing in the area is limited. The new fishing pier is the only designated facility in Oceana County for Great Lakes fishing for children and individuals requiring ADA access.    


Final Report
View - 2008.1031_Final_Report_Sans_Financials.pdf