Michigan Great Lakes Protection and Restoration Initiative

Grant: # 1033

Grant Amount: $20,000.00

Board Decision Year: 2008

Michigan United Conservation Clubs (Lansing)

Muchmore, Dennis (dmuchmore@mucc.org) (517) 346-6455

GLFT - Ecosystem Health and Sustainable Fish Populations-L - Special Projects

Project Details

The Michigan Great Lakes Protection and Restoration Initiative is a joint project between Lt. Governor John Cherry, the Office of the Great Lakes and Michigan United Conservation Clubs. The purpose of this effort is to develop a Michigan Great Lakes Protection and Restoration Plan. A Framework for the plan has been developed that examines Michigan’s Great Lakes Protection and Restoration needs by utilizing the same focus areas of the Great Lakes Regional Collaborative, e.g. habitat, invasive species, coastal health, sustainable development, indicators, nonpoint source, toxic pollutants and areas of concern. This Framework has been shared widely and been reshaped into a series of conference calls. Next the Framework will be taken to eight regional meetings to garner stakeholders’ comments and concerns and to discuss their interest and concern for managing the Great Lakes to foster prosperity for Michigan’s economic future. These eight meetings will focus on regional interests and will examine watershed restoration efforts as the foundation for Great Lakes restoration. A final report is expected to be released by the first of the year. This grant will be used to offset the cost of the regional meetings and travel for key participants, and fund an economic analysis to reframe the report.


Final Report