Implementing the Flint Area Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative Hub

Grant: # 1112

Grant Amount: $222,326.10

Board Decision Year: 2009

The Regents of the University of Michigan - U of M - Flint (Flint)

U of M - Flint

Sanker, Leyla ( 810-424-5468

GLFT - Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative - Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative

Project Details

This project used place-based education (PBE) to empower teachers and students alike to build a stronger connection to their community and gain a sense of personal responsibility and self-efficacy. Participants also developed an understanding that environmental quality and social equity go hand in hand. Twelve teachers received professional development that related to ecology and social justice. At least 425 students became stewards in their community by participating in PBE projects. The success of this project was celebrated at the “Students Growing Roots” community exchange, where students presented their own school projects and learned from other presentations.


Final Report
Final Report