Explore the Shores: Expanding Recreational Access for All to the Great Lakes Fisheries-Bear Creek

Grant: # 1133

Grant Amount: $122,948.00

Board Decision Year: 2009

Manistee County Community Foundation (Manistee)

Heintzelman, Laura (lheintzelman@manisteefoundation.org) 231-723-7269

GLFT - Access to the Great Lakes Fishery-A - Access to the Great Lakes Fishery

Project Details

In keeping with the mission of Manistee’s Explore the Shores program to provide superior access to water for people of all ages, needs and abilities, the Bear Creek project involved the development of a universally accessible platform for anglers to fish for migrating salmon and trout. The platform was constructed on the Big Manistee River at a site owned and maintained by the U.S Forest Service. It is heavily used by sport anglers and is in close proximity to the spot where the World Record brown Trout was landed in 2010. The project funded the construction of the fishing platform as well as a universally accessible path that connects a parking area and restroom facilities with the fishing platform as well as an educational/interpretive display that includes instruction about a successful technique. The site also includes a boat launch facility (funded by entities other than the GLFT), heavily used by anglers and some sport fishers who land nearly 50,000 salmon and trout yearly from the Big Manistee River. 

For more information on the Manistee County fishing pier, please visit the Pier Michigan website.


Final Report
Final Report
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