North-east Michigan’s Great Lakes fishery heritage: a project to foster awareness of our heritage, share information and data about Great Lakes ecosystems, and enable better stewardship of Great Lakes aquatic ecosystems

Grant: # 1683

Grant Amount: $10,000.00

Board Decision Year: 2017

Besser Museum for Northeast Michigan (Alpena)

Witulski, Christine ( 989-356-2202

2017 Great Lakes Stewardship - Other Great Lakes Stewardship

Project Summary

GLFT has provided funding to build a comprehensive Great Lakes Fisheries Heritage exhibit unparalleled in Michigan. The exhibit represents NE Michigan’s fishery heritage spanning from pre-Columbian to present; a heritage largely shared by all regions of Michigan. Great Lakes stewardship will be evident in the integration of subsistence, commercial and recreational fisheries with scientific research, ecosystem changes wrought by invasive species, water quality, habitat degradation, and effects of fishery management. Two early fishing/survey vessels will anchor the display.