Restoring Lake Michigan's Globally Rare Ground-Fed Cold-water Streams

Grant: # 1801

Grant Amount: $100,500.00

Board Decision Year: 2018

Conservation Resource Alliance (Traverse City )

Davis, Kira ( 2319466817

2018 Habitat Protection and Restoration: Targeted Land and Capital Efforts (Including Barrier Removal) - Habitat protection and restoration

Project Summary

The Conservation Resource Alliance is expanding it's holistic approach to watershed management by completing a road/stream crossing inventory on the Lincoln River Watershed. CRA is also working with project partners at the Mason-Lake Conservation District to stabilize the single largest stream-bank erosion site in the entire Pere Marquette Watershed the Chinnery Log/slide, while simultaneously restoring complete connectivity to Blood Creek an intact headwaters and wetland complex valued for its pristine aquatic habitat.