Creating Stewards of the Great Lakes: A Comprehensive Study about Integrating Place-Based Education, Professional Development for Teachers, and Community Partnerships

Grant: # 0635

Grant Amount: $54,500.00

Board Decision Year: 2005

Northwestern Michigan College (Traverse City)

Cotto, Marguerite ( (231) 995-1775

GLFT - Great Lakes Stewardship-J - Other Great Lakes Stewardship

Project Details

The Great Lakes Water Studies Institute (GLWSI) at Northwestern Michigan College (NMC) undertook a short-term, comprehensive study about integrating place-based education, professional development for teachers, and community partnerships as a strategy to increase stewardship of the Great Lakes. Such an integration, properly designed and implemented, has the power to engage people of all ages in meaningful work that is conducted in real-world settings and focuses on issues that are relevant to daily life.


Final Report