Nurturing Teacher-Leaders for Advancement of Place-Based Great Lakes Stewardship Education in Mid-Michigan

Grant: # 0910

Grant Amount: $17,143.67

Board Decision Year: 2007

Michigan State University - Department of Fisheries and Wildlife (East Lansing)

Department of Fisheries and Wildlife

Coon, Thomas ( 517-353-3373

GLFT - Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative - Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative

Project Details

This project to plan for place-based stewardship education in the mid-Michigan, Grand River Watershed region engaged schools and community partners from four counties surrounding Lansing (Ingham, Eaton, Clinton and Shiawassee Counties). Five school districts were involved, ranging from urban (Lansing's Cavanaugh and Post Oak Elementary Schools), to a suburban school (Holt), a highly resourced school (Haslett), a rapidly suburbanizing district (Bath), and a rural school (Laingsburg). From August through October 2007, 86 people were convened to plan place-based Great Lakes Stewardship Education. The planning included these phases: 1) a "teacher leader" group of seven teachers involved in place-based stewardship education (PBSE); 2) a "think tank" of youth and their parents who have experienced PBSE; and 3) school-community partnership planning meetings for the region.


Final Report