Implementing the Southeastern Michigan Center for Place-Based Education

Grant: # 0933

Grant Amount: $175,089.18

Board Decision Year: 2007

Eastern Michigan University - Office of Research Development (Ypsilanti)

Office of Research Development

Davis, Claresta ( 734-487-3090

GLFT - Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative - Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative

Project Details

The Southeast Michigan Stewardship Coalition initially engaged eight schools, but two of these left the program early on, owing to external circumstances within their districts. Professional development for teachers in the remaining six schools was conducted throughout the grant period, with 14 educators and their students in two school districts slated to field collaborative, community-based projects. The hub focuses on the interconnectedness of ecological, social and cultural systems, and uses ecojustice to frame issues of local importance. In one school, community-based projects centered on the health of neighborhoods and the remediation of brownfields. In the second school, community-based projects related to watershed revitalization. The hub engaged an impressive variety of community organizations, including Matrix Theater Company, National Wildlife Federation, and the Michigan Coalition of Essential Schools. The leadership of the hub is shared by a team of committed people who represent various stakeholders in the work, including a K-12 school administrator, a faculty member at a university, an active community partner, and an expert in K-12 school reform. This hub applied for and was awarded a continuation grant through the Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative.


Final Report