Lake Superior Stewardship Initiative

Grant: # 0938

Grant Amount: $190,362.49

Board Decision Year: 2007

The Western Upper Peninsula Center for Science, Math and Environmental Education - Copper Country Intermediate School District (Hancock)

Copper Country Intermediate School District

Oppliger, Shawn ( (906) 482-0331

GLFT - Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative - Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative

Project Details

The Lake Superior Stewardship Initiative worked with 46 teachers and their 1,350 students in 11 school buildings (7 districts) during the 2008-09 school year. During the course of the grant period, the number of community partners increased from 13 to 44, including the Keweenaw Bay Ojibwa Community College. An ambitious and well-defined plan of professional development for teachers addressed needs in both content and pedagogy. A wide variety of collaborative, community-based projects were completed through mini-grants awarded by the hub to project teams (comprised of community partners and students, teachers, and administrators from participating schools). The hub made excellent progress in addressing the issue of organizational sustainability: Michigan Technological University and the US Forest Service are requesting funding for the initiative as part of their grant applications to other funders; the hub is working to establish an endowment fund at the local community foundation; and the hub is integrating their work with an existing service learning program. The hub’s organizational structure is sound and features written policies and well-defined roles and responsibilities for all participants. This hub applied for and was awarded a continuation grant through the Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative.


Final Report
Final Report