The GRAND Learning Network: An Implementation Model for Place-Based Great Lakes Stewardship Education in Mid-Michigan

Grant: # 0939

Grant Amount: $197,211.95

Board Decision Year: 2008

Michigan State University - Office of Contract & Grant Administration (East Lansing)

Office of Contract & Grant Administration

Brubaker, Robert R. ( 517-355-8729

GLFT - Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative - Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative

Project Details

The GRAND Learning Network features a formalized professional learning community of teachers, who thoroughly understand place-based education and Great Lakes stewardship and provides leadership to colleagues. Leadership for the Network’s operation also comes from Michigan State University (the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the College of Education and Natural Science), a practicing K-12 teacher, and a Distinguished Advisory Group. The intended audiences are about 2,000 students and 160 K-12 teachers, representing five school districts in the Greater Lansing area (ranging from rural to urban), and about 10 community organizations. A core group of teachers first developed and then shared tools and resources with their colleagues, who in turn worked with their students to carry out place-based education projects of local relevance.