Assessing Lake Michigan Salmonine Stocking Policies Using Decision Analysis

Grant: # 0950

Grant Amount: $368,961.54

Board Decision Year: 2008

Michigan State University - Department of Fisheries and Wildlife (East Lansing)

Department of Fisheries and Wildlife

Jones, Michael L. ( 517-432-0465

GLFT - Ecosystem Health and Sustainable Fish Populations-H - Ecological and biological fisheries research to inform management

Project Details

Working with Lake Michigan fishery managers and key stakeholders, researchers developed an updated decision model to assess the performance of alternative policies for stocking of salmonine fishes into Lake Michigan. They assembled and analyzed data collected since 2002, especially on alewife recruitment dynamics, and collected new data on Chinook salmon wild recruitment, as well as updated the existing model and expanded it to include all stocked salmonine species.


GLFT Final Report
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M. Williams Thesis
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