To complete the chart of work, list (in boldface) each major outcome of your project. An outcome is a specific change that occurs in individuals, groups, communities, organizations, or systems as a result of your project.

Beneath it, in the same row and in plain text, list planned activities associated with that outcome. Activities are the processes, tools, events, technology, and actions that are an intentional part of achieving your outcome. Indicate the duration of each activity on the timeline by marking an “X” or shading in the relevant months. Also indicate the amount of funds requested from the GLFT to complete the activity, as well as the total cost.

Below each outcome, indicate the deliverable(s) associated with the outcome. Deliverables are the tangible results of your work toward each outcome. They can be, but aren’t necessarily, written products. They may be processes, agreements, or organizational structures as well as reports, communications documents, and other literature.

There are six paired rows for six outcomes/associated deliverables in the chart. If you have more than six major outcomes, use “copy and paste” to add additional rows. There are 24 columns for months. If your project will take more or less than 24 months to complete, add or delete extra months.

The chart of work template is available for download as a Microsoft Word or Excel document under the Documents section to the left.