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Access to the Great Lakes Fishery

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The Access grant program provides funding to increase access to the Great Lakes for shore-based angling and tribal fishing. The request for proposals (RFP) is planned for release every other year in the summer on even number years (e.g., 2022, 2024, 2026, etc.). Funding is limited to sites within the state of Michigan and geographic priority will be given to sites within the Lake Michigan basin, although the GLFT will consider projects throughout the state.

Applicant Eligibility

Organizations eligible to apply for GLFT grants include nonprofit, educational, and governmental (including tribal) organizations.

Project Eligibility

Initial project eligibility requirements include:

  • Projects must be focused on shore-based angling and tribal fishing.
  • Projects must be located in the state of Michigan.
  • Projects must be located on the Great Lakes or on tributaries below the lowermost barriers to fish passage.
  • Site amenities must be directly related to fishing and the accommodation of recreational anglers and tribal fishing.

Additional project-specific considerations, priorities, and requirements are provided in the Policies and How to Apply sections below. Prospective applicants are encouraged to contact GLFT staff prior to submission of a grant proposal to discuss project eligibility, goals, and alignment with GLFT priorities. Staff are available to assist applicants with navigating the online grant proposal submission process.

Funding Priorities

The Trust’s priorities for the Access grant category are:

  1. Capital improvement and renovation of existing access sites, previously funded by the GLFT or other funding sources, that have exceeded or are nearing the end of their planned lifecycle.
  2. Development of new high-value sites that fill a gap in access. Eligible sites may be located on the Great Lakes or on tributaries below the lowermost barriers.

Grant Calendar

Aug 19, 2022
Proposal Deadline

Oct 11, 2022
SAT Review

Nov 8, 2022
Board Review


Please review the GLFT Policy on Tribal and Recreational Fishing Access Grants before submitting an application under the Access grant program. The GLFT Board of Trustees has established a number of additional policies regarding grants that may be applicable to applications submitted under the Access grant opportunity:

To review all of the grant-related policies for our multiple grant programs, please visit our Resources page.

How to Apply

The Access grant program RFP is released every other year in even years. Please review our Active Grant Opportunities to see which of our grant programs are currently accepting applications. The forms and instructions necessary to guide you through the application process are provided in the 2020 Access to the Great Lakes Fishery Application Guidance Document. If the Access program is not currently accepting proposals, the guidance document provides information on general program requirements for the next grant cycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Staff are currently developing the frequently asked questions sections for each of the grant programs. Questions will be available for applicant review prior to the release of the requests for proposals.