Great Lakes Stewardship

The GLFT’s Great Lakes Stewardship grant category focuses on increasing awareness and understanding of the ecology of the Great Lakes so that citizens can be advocates for strategies that support long-term sustainability of the Great Lakes fishery and become stewards of the Great Lakes. This includes projects that:

  • Build understanding at the ecosystem or watershed level, and promote taking related action, on Great Lakes issues including:
    • Protecting biological diversity
    • Sustaining commercial and recreational fisheries
    • Controlling non-native nuisance species
    • Reducing pollution
  • Promote environmental stewardship through direct experiences with natural resources
  • Promote awareness of, and access to, existing Great Lakes stewardship education programs and resources

Funding Timeline

In 2019, the GLFT embarked upon a yearlong effort to update its strategic plan. Through that process, the GLFT updated its funding priorities and timeline. We anticipate alternating funding the Access to the Great Lakes Fishery and Great Lakes Stewardship categories every other year. The GLFT anticipates releasing a Great Lakes Stewardship application guidance document in November 2020, and funding decisions will be made by the GLFT Board of Trustees in March 2021.

How To Apply

Visit our apply page to submit an application. The forms and instructions necessary to guide you through the application process are provided in the application guidance document.

If you have further questions about the funding process, please contact Cody Proudfoot, Grant Manager, at 517-371-7468